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Haywire's Finally Found You

FI CH Haywire's Set Fire To The Rain
Fi CH SE CH Efrain
Emotion Kinberger's
NL CH US CH Riverside Keep Believe'n
FI CH Haywire's Get Going Grace
Aimy Kinberger's
Haywire's Verwood Reggae
Moosehill's Sweet Splenda
NL CH Greenwoods Fame And Fortune
NL CH Sandfox Ewknown Eclipse Of The Heart
FI CH Haywire's Easier Than You Think
AKC GCH CH Riverside Wicked Wonderful
AU US CH Shelvon Royale Jubilee
INT NORDIC CH Haywire's Winds Of Change
Sacaron Quicksilver
Rachel Suukkosuun
Heartsong Brynlea Pavarotti
Sandfox Destiny
FI CH Anianol Galadriel
US CH Moosehill Can't Stop Lov'n Ewes
C.I.B FI CH FI JW-16 SE JW-16 SE CH Haywire's Talk Of The Town
AU US CH Shelvon Royale Jubilee
GCH CH Sandfox Medaglia d'Oro
CH Brynlea Gaylrd Bikini Bottom
MULTI CH Trengate Mardi Gras
FI CH SE CH Haywire's Stand By Me
Brynlea Teeny Weeny Bikini
SE CH Haywire's Never Give Up
INT FIN EST CH Haywire's Raindrop
Ninacorte Gizmo Vom Moosacher
INT FI EST S CH Haywire's Farewell Seattle
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